Cosulting services of AGLOMA


"God made our head round, so that our thinking can change directions."


This quotation form Francis Picabia (french painter 1879-1953) may help us to change our thinking but sometimes however new ideas may help even more. New ideas arising from new points of view and new perspectives...


As consultants we offer our customers new ideas, new perspectives and new points of view based upon our branch overlapping experiences, actual scientific approaches and detailed analysis of their current situation.











But we are not only "classic consultants" developing concepts to leave our customers alone with their problems. All our conceptual work is only done to develop a set of measures which we are always pleased to put into practice. We don't want to fill your offices with paper-ware - we really want to consequently improve our customers development.


According to the quotation of Charles Augustin Saint-Beuve (french author 1804-1869):


"If you want to be successful set your limits."


... we only offer our consulting services in our fields of expertise, where we had the chance to transform our experiences into practical solutions.