Special events


"Not buildings, machines or bank accounts define
the value of a company. The most valuable thing
how ever is your staff, the way they perform for

you and the spirit which leads them."


We design the perfect and exclusive educentive or edutainment packages for you so that you can show

your staff how valuable they are for your company.


Our event seminars always have an educational component to let your staff learn and experience new skills and abilities. Additionally we provide a matching frame program to develop team spirit and the identification with your company.












Our offers range from a single empowerment day for your team, a department or a whole company up to a several weeks lasting educentive-trip to exotic locations around the world.


Together with event partners in 14 countries we offer

a broad range of extraordinary educational and incentivating possibilities.


What would you think for example about a management training on a sailing yacht around the Iberian peninsula or a strategy workshop with the AGLOMA Consultores Centro America S.A. in the rain forest of Costa Rica...