"Success has many partners" (anonymous)


As successfull company we also have several partners. Among our most important ones you find:


Die GfA GmbH
Trainings and software provider from Tauberbischoffsheim (FRG) and provider of the CRM-system Acquisupport.
Our partnership with the GfA GmbH started in the year 2000. Since than we implemented their CRM system
Acquisupport in more than 20 countries for the automotive industrie.













Team Brendel
Team Brendele is a swiss provider for CRM-systems manly designed for small and middle enterprises. Since 2002 we provide other CRM-system beside Acquisupport. Depending on the specific requirements of our customer we found with
WIN-Card an easy to customize tool. Lösung für den Mittelstand anbieten.

Das Bridgeware Institut
Trainings institut mainly working in the banking sector. Founding partner of the S/P/G/ Consulting GmbH (today AGLOMA).