Our goal




To find experienced international specialists, to improove their training and consulting skills and together - to put the goals and strategies of our global customers into practice.



The AGLOMA is owned by three consultants. Our core team currently is formed by two managing directors

and two project manager in Radolfzell and Vohburg.


Additionally we work together in several projects on basis of long term contracts with freelance partner consultants and trainer from all over Germany, Muhen (Swizzerland), Melbourne (Australia), Prag (Tschechia), Den Haag (Netherlands), Bangkok (Thailand), Verona (Italy), San Jose (Costa Rica) and Maribor (Slovenia).


Our coworker and partner are from different industries and occupation. It is not so important to us, which education someone has, but which skills and experiences he brings along to work on complex tasks.










Knowledge about computer, organisation, industry, understanding for culture, language and the skill for socialization. The constructive, specialized spreading cooperation, that is in the center of efficient process

for our customers, is as well practiced in our team.


We have a wide pool of professional trainer and consultants with international experience. Our staff is well prepared and with a little readjustment accourding to your specific strategie, goal and culture inmediatly avaliable to run your specific training projects.


The main problem in international projects is the recruitment of the required training staff. It takes time

to find, norm and form the needed training staff, time which is not allways avaliable in fast changing markets with even faster changing training requirements.


Technology are to slow (time for production) to react quickly on alteration ,the fastest way is to do it with humains. Especially than, if you want to maintain the theme of custom relationship.