The AGLOMA training programs


"All your wisdom is nothing but random data
as long as you don't let it guide your actions."


Our training focus is not the transfer of knowledge but

to initiate changes in acting and behaving. We want to improve the possibilities of your staff by changing their way of acting.


All our training are based upon sophisticated didactical methods, known patterns of learning and understanding and they always offer the requested amount of flexibility to take the specific needs of the audience directly into account.


Beside well known teaching methods our training always contain experimental sections where the newly learned topics are emotionally anchored through personal experience.












All our training programs are internationally available. Therefore not only the content is translated into a foreign language, but the training goals are transfered into the regional cultural environment to guarantee the same training results in all countries.


Of course we also offer our knowledge and experience in training development to customers who want to perform the training with their in-house training staff. Beside the training development we also help you in the formation

of your training staff.